Seriud was founded by Shenzhen Blochain Intelligent Technology co., LTD. We are committed to provid faster and smarter innovative electronic products and lifestyles for global customers. Based on 20 years experience in computer software and hardware industry,   our founding team is strict with each link from the design, development, testing, production, quality inspection, sales and technical    support to after-sales service. Seriud is always trying to provide quality products and services beyond user's expectations.
Intelligent network products
We develop and produce a range of wireless wi-fi products, including innovative online products for home and commercial use, which are now sold in more than 10 countries and regions around the world. Our series of network products allows you to use your mobile phone, computer and network TV in every corner of your home,  no more signal dead angles or buffers.In the business field,our enterprise commercial network products ensure that your employees seamlessly connect to the Internet, securely connect to the Internet, communicate with customers without obstacles, and help expand your business.
Car & wireless fast charger
We use industry-leading chip solutions and technologies and our charging products are widely  used  in  mobile phones,  computers, tablets and
laptops. Our wireless charging products comply with the  international QI standard and are perfectly compatible with different devices of various  
brands. With the high quality chip, our series  of  wireless  charging products can work continuously for 365  days, and the unique heat dissipation technology ensures a full of electricity without burning in 2 hours fastest.Charging your phone with a short spare time, smart, portable, easy to
use, giving  you more time to do other work or enjoy life.
Type - C products
Type-c technology is leading the trend of the Times. Our series of type-c products  based  on user requirements  will  change  the way people live. A device can be used for multiple purposes, while supporting data, audio, video, and charging. A single line can replace the previous cable.
Support forward  and  reverse  interpolation  to  simplify  life  and  improve  the service  life of  equipment.  Backwards compatible with USB Type
A, Micro B and other interfaces. Support up to 10Gb/s data efficient  transmission. This  latest  cutting-edge technology and product will help you to enjoy intelligent life easily.
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