EXCELLENT QUALCOMM CORE CHIP SCHEME: Seriud WN1200 WiFi extender adopts Qualcomm QCA9531+QCA9886 chip sullution, which ensures a stable signal expansion and excellent quality. Provide your family with seamless wi-fi coverage, eliminate dead zones and say goodby to buffering.
1200Mbps WIRELESS TRANSMISSION RATE: This WiFi range extender uses a new 11AC
wireless technology,provides speed of up to
N300 + AC867 Mbps. The repeater enables
you to achieve faster,more distant and more
stable network transmission efficiency and
covers up to 1,500 sq. ft.
2.4 GHz & 5.8GHz Dual Frequency Band-The wireless extender supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8ghz dual frequency band work
simultaneously, dual channels can be more rapid transmission, intelligent switch, ensure the signal is continuous and stable.
It can effectively help signal through one or two walls, including parallel walls and upper and lower layers.
Easy to Install and Use-WPS or 3-Step
simple settings. Connect “COMFAST-5G"
--input “admin" (if no promt pop up
justenter in the browser)--
select the WiFi you want to extend and
enter it's password.It's done!
Get multiple devices online simultaneously,compatible with multipal WiFi devices like smartphones,
laptops,tablets  etc.The WiFi is everywhere througout the house and the whole family enjoy the fast continuous network!
1.To enable fast wireless charging mode, Samsung original or QC 2.0/QC 3.0 adapter with 9V/ 1.67A or
5V/2A (not included)is required. Do not use an Apple 5V / 1A charger which may cause overheating.
2.Remove any metal phone case, matal ring cases ,case thicker than 0.3in, or any case with metal plate before use.
3.No light will display while the charger is on standby mode. The light will turn on blue while charging.
Intuitive understanding the working state of the wireless booster.The light is blue for AP or
Router Mode,it's green with  good signal and
red with weak signal for Repeater Mode.

Adopt unique heat dissipation design to ensure the temperature stability of 1200Mbps high
power equipment without  increasing.
How to Set up:
1.One Key to Repeat
Press the WPS button on your main router for 1-2 seconds.Within 50s, press the light button in the middle of the extender for 1-2s.
Wait for about 30s and the extender will restart automatically.
2.Set it up with a smartphone or a laptop:
(1)Plug the extender into an electrical outlet proximity to your WiFi router
(2)Connect to WiFi network COMFAST-5G or COMFAST-2G in your wireless network list
(3)Enter in a web browser and input"admin".Select the WiFi network you want to extend,
type the existing WiFi network's password.
(4)Connect your new extender SSID and enjoy the WiFi.
1.Keep your smartphone or laptop being connected to the extender during the installation.
2.Move it to the best location between your router and the area with a poor signal.The location must be
within the range of your router.
Our manufacturer have produced this kind of product more than 10 years, the quality of is very reliable!
Seriud provides assistance 24 hours,30 days return, replacement and 12 months warranty.
We offer the most thoughtful service and the most satisfactory solution.
Any qustions pls feel free to contact with us: seriudstore@gmail.com. We are always here to serve you!
So just be assured to purchase!!
1 X 1200Mbps Wifi Repeater
1 X Ethernet cable
1 X Quick Star Guide
1 X Product warranty card
1 X Certificate of qualification
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