How to Connect the Apple Adapter

Issuing time:2016-02-26 11:50
You can connect them step by step successful. It is plug-and-play, which is convenient without any software or Settings.

1. First, take out the black data cable from the package, insert the "micro usb "interface of the converter, and connect the computer or charger at the other end to power the converter.

2. Insert the linghting interface of the converter into your iphone/ipad.

3. Insert the HDMI interface of the HDMI data cable into the converter, and connect the other end of the data line to your flat screen (the packaging does not contain the HDMI cable, and you need to use your own).

4. Now the devices are connected, click "trust this device" and enter the ipad pro password. Hope can help you, and hope you can use normally.

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