How To Connect To Seriud WN300 Wifi Extender with WPS

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You can connect the extender to your existing WiFi network with Three WAYS:

· Connect with WPS. If your router has WPS capability, you’d better choose the One key to Repeat to set it up (See the instructions below).

· Connect with a smart determinal device: S‍eriud WN300: Set up with a smartphone / laptop / tablet‍

· Set up with a PC: Seriud WN300: Set up with a PC without wireless feature

How To Connect To The Extender with WPS:

Plug the extender into an electrical outlet proximity to the WiFi router or accesspoint and wait for the Power Lamp to light on.

Press the WPS button on your main router or access point for 1-2 seconds.

Within 50s, press the WPS button on the bottom of the extender.

Wait for about 30s and the extender will restart automatically. The lamp will go out and then light up again when it’s connected to your router successfully.

Move the extender to the best position that is halfway between your router and the area with a poor WiFi signal. The location that you choose must be within the range of your existing WiFi router network.

You can now connect your wireless devices to the Extender’s new SSID. The extender’s wireless network name (SSID) changed to your existing WiFi network name with “_Plus” at the end. The password to be used will be the same Wi-Fi password on your main router.


Existing WiFi Network name (SSID): Seriud

New Extender WiFi Network name (SSID): Seriud-plus / Seriud 2G and Seriud 5G

Existing WiFi Network Password: 12345678

New Extender WiFi Network Password: 12345678


Make sure your router has WPS capability and is open. Otherwise, you need to set it up on the Management interface of the router.


Connect with WPS.png

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