How to connect Seriud HDMI & VGA with Audio Converter

Issuing time:2016-05-12 09:03

This convert is used to put pictures, vidioes, files of your phones, tablets on a big screen. Please check if the connection is correct.

1. Take out the data cable in the package, insert it into the "MICRO USB" interface of the converter, plug the other side of the cable into a charger socket   to power the converter. 

2. Connect the “USB” interface of the converter with the mobile charging cable.

3. Plug your own HDMI or VGA cable into the converter and the other side of the cable should be connected to the big screen.  P.S. The hdmi, vga cable or erabuds/speakers are not contained in the package and you need to use your own.

4. When the connection is successful, the phone displays the charging status, prompte "TRUST OR NOT". Click "TRUST" and wait a few seconds to display screen.

Please note that:

1. Most IOS Devices (iphone, ipad, ipod) easy to use, plug and play. All the android phones with android version 5.0 or above can be fully comptaible with, only simply install EZcase app.

2. If you are prompted to install the software with some IOS, Android Smartphones or Tablets:
Please search for" EZCast " on App Store or Google Play, and install it(Support iOS 8 , Android 5.0, and above systems.)

3. Windows Computer and MacBook: Please download the EZCast online(Support Windows 7, Mac OS 10.9, and above version.)

If your device version does not support plug and play, you need to install the software EZcase. Please check the attached software installation instructions.

How To Install.jpg

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